Last Saturday 17 volunteers gathered at the Vashon Eagles Club to receive over 120 registered items at our 15th Fix-It Café.

Ninety-nine items weighing 905 pounds showed up and we were able to fix 59 items for a total of 400 pounds. A further 365 pounds was diverted from the landfill by fixers advising owners how to replace vacuum belts, buy special parts, or simply showing how to properly operate the item. (Wow, that’s 365 pounds of advice!) Due to the deluge of stuff we were not able to get to a half a dozen items, and fixers took several items home.

We welcomed three newcomers to our group of merry fixers (and always welcome more!) Drew brought a battery pack and worked on SIX Lego motors. Larry came and worked on his specialties, sewing machines and vacuums. Greg pitched in with lamps and worked with Roger on resuscitating a Toy Story Woody doll who spoke in Italian. In addition we had our usual crew of Kim and Terry on furniture, Mary Ellen and Susan as sewists, Dennis and Dan on electronics, and Will, Rob, Lou and Steve doing all sorts of things from fixing a vintage corn shucker to repairing 15lamps!Brian took on 2 of the 3 espresso machines, and even fixed the one from Romania! Ellen joined Liz and Amy G and Amy M on the registration team and we kept every fixer busy all day.

As usual, Eagles supplied a sumptuous lunch and kindly let us invade their space. Some mysterious donor also dropped off a platter of pumpkin bread that was enjoyed by fixers and fixees alike. (BTW, Liz has the pan.)
We are looking forward to another Café next May. But stay tuned, the popular LAMP-O-RAMA may return, too!