We are a Library: a sharing resource of the community, supported by your time, energy, and money. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but most of us need to donate to make this community project thrive by expanding our collection of tools and classes.

Members can drop by during open hours to borrow a tool. You can also reserve tools for the next date we are open. If a tool is out or previously reserved, your reservation should happen for the next available time slot. Tools are expected to be returned in the same condition as they were loaned out i.e., functional and clean. Fees (of about $25 each) will apply for broken tools or dirty tools. Replacement fees for lost/broken/stolen tools vary by the tool.

You must be a Tool Library member to borrow tools:

Create an account by clicking on this link.

2  Members also need to fill out the indemnity and policy forms listed at right. Print them out, complete them and bring them in. Alternatively, just come into the library where we have blank forms you can fill out on the spot.

3  Before borrowing a tool, you will need to provide proper ID. Local residents need to bring in one government-issued picture ID (Drivers License, Passport, D.O.L. ID) and one official document stating name & address (Utility bill, bank statement, etc.) to the library initially.

4  We expect that on completing your membership signup, you will make a modest cash donation to help keep our doors open. This is not required — our organization is completely run by volunteers — but we have rent and insurance costs as well as repair and maintenance of tools. The tool library does not receive public funding, so member donations are the sole source of income.

Having completed these steps you will become a full member, allowing you to reserve and borrow tools.

To renew your membership, drop by the tool library and request a renewal.  You will be asked to make an annual donation. Or you can send email to info -at- and make your donation online.  Your files will be updated to reflect your membership status.